Showit or Squarespace?

I just had my first Squarespace experience and let me tell you, it was not a good one. In defence of the platform It was my first go and with more mucking about I could probably get to where I wanted to go.

Some pros right off the bat; The interface is pleasant, light & airy and responsive. At times I liked the grid system and other times I did not, so that’s also a con I suppose. Personalising the palette and typography was simple enough, thats all I’ll say there. I did like how there was plenty of easily accessed options to switch up the colour usage in certain areas such as graphs and other canvases.

Cons. I found it unnecessarily complicated. At times I would lose my place completely while trying to edit copy, colour, enter data or images, and for me (someone who is regularly using these types of programs/platforms) that seemed silly. Uploading fonts, my GOSH don’t get me started. Way too hard basket. I am not averse to CSS but I want to upload my fonts and use them, I do not want to be CSSing my fonts. Someone well versed in Squarespace would most likely scoff at me but I like things to be simple and this did not feel simple (for me OR clients).

Next up… Showit.

Showit, apple of my eye. This blog entry is clearly one sided and has been from the get go but I simply cannot help it. The userbility, the ease, the intuitive organisation and a font upload dream! All the tools in one user friendly panel, organised and displayed on the right, all your pages, canvases and views neatly listed on the left. What more does one need?

But, my absolutely favourite thing about Showit is the help you get. Can’t figure out how to update your DNS settings? Someones there. Can’t get the blog synced up correctly? Someones there. Can’t find where you put the car keys this morning? Someones, no just kidding I had to find them myself, but you get it.

The tutorials system on their website is also absolutely brilliant. So precise, so straight forward, zero fluff.

So the winner in my eyes is clear. Showit is the superior platform for all things web design. Always and Forever xo

January 23, 2023

Sarah Preuss