Is anybody out there going to read this?

Welcome to my blog, floating in the ether, to possibly never be read or perused by anyone but me. Here I will be attempting to help those that need it. I will be explaining my processes, things I’ve learned along the way in a very competitive industry and tricks that can speed up your work and allow you the time to think more and work less.

Graphic design, an ever evolving trade that is constantly expanding in a market that expects us to be able to do anything and everything visual. The sea of programs available to us is always growing and in my opinion, overwhelming. Keeping your finger on the industry pulse is key in succeeding as a freelancer and that pulse can be many things, following AGDA, joining online creative groups, updating your skills with courses and constantly sharing your work and thoughts on portals like linkedin with peers.

I hope I can be of help to those just starting out or those who just need a fresh outlook on that freelance life.


January 23, 2023

Sarah Preuss